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The exhaust system is one of the least complex parts of a vehicle; consisting mostly of metal pipes that run from the engine to rear of the vehicle. But at the same time, it has huge importance since its main function is to take all the harmful toxic gasses from the engine combustion chamber and convert them into mostly harmless gasses that are less damaging to the environment. The other big role of the exhaust system is to help reduce a vehicle's engine noise. Use our exhaust system service to keep your vehicle running quietly and cleanly.

The main components of the exhaust system include:

  •     Exhaust Manifold - Connected to the engine. Gasses exit from the combustion chamber and travel through the smooth curves of the exhaust manifold.
  •     Catalytic Converter - Converts harmful pollutants in the exhaust to gases that are less damaging to the environment. The inside of the catalytic converter consists
  • of metals (such as aluminum oxide, platinum and palladium) that causes the exhaust gasses to go through a chemical reaction to become less harmful.
  •     Exhaust Pipe - Exhaust pipes connect all the components of the exhaust system and carry all the exhaust gasses to each of these components
  •     Muffler - Reduces engine noise.
  •     Resonator - Many exhaust systems also include a resonator which is like a mini muffler that aids in quieting engine noise.
  •     Tail Pipe - The tail pipe is at the end of the exhaust system and is where exhaust gasses leave your vehicle.
  •     Brackets and Hangers - Brackets and hangers are used to hold the exhaust system components to the bottom of the vehicle.

Our exhaust system services cover all of these components. If you suspect a problem with your muffler or exhaust system, or are looking for options to upgrade to a performance exhaust system, let us help. Just visit the location  nearest you, or schedule an appointment online. Our expert technicians can inspect your vehicle and assess your vehicle's needs.

At The Tire Choice, our Exhaust System Services include:

  •     Repair/replace exhaust system parts
  •     Custom exhaust system installation
  •     Performance exhaust upgrades
  •     Diagnose and repair emission problems

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