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Failure of the heating and cooling system is the #1 cause of roadside breakdown, which is why heating and cooling system service is such an important part of maintaining your vehicle, especially here in Florida.

Your vehicle's engine generates a lot of heat. That heat can be beneficial because it warms up the engine to operating temperature and warms the oil so that it can circulate easily to lubricate vital engine parts. At the same time, if the heating system is not kept under control the engine can overheat and be severely damaged. If you notice that your vehicle is beginning to overheat, it's very important to have the heating and cooling systems checked as soon as possible to help avoid some of the worst engine damage and repairs.

We recommend having your heating and cooling system inspected regularly to help identify any possible problems before a component fails. Parts such as the radiator, hoses, cooling fans, water pumps and thermostat can wear out or begin to develop leaks. Bring your car or truck into any of our store locations, or schedule an appointment online, to have one of our expert technicians inspect your entire heating and cooling system to make sure there are no problems.

Many vehicle manufacturers recommend having the engine coolant/antifreeze replaced periodically. Our Coolant System Flush service can take care of this by completely flushing the system and refilling it with fresh coolant.

Coolant System Flush

  •     Inspect system and pressure test for leaks
  •     Flush system & recover old antifreeze
  •     Refill with required amount of coolant (up to 2 gallons)

Our Heating & Cooling System Services include the following components:

  •     Radiator
  •     Radiator hoses
  •     Radiator fan/fan clutch
  •     Water pump
  •     Thermostat
  •     Serpentine & fan belts
  •     Cooling sensor
  •     Heater core
  •     Heater hoses

Hear what our customers are saying...

"Had my 2008 Subaru Legacy in for new tires, battery, cooling system flush and alignment, cannot express enough the knowledge and explanation of all at this location. I will make it my one stop service from now on. Thanks Bob Spack, store manager and Fernando, and all who worked on my car."

- Lou L.
Ft Myers, FL

"My wonderful experience with this store has been for a few years (ever since they became Tire Choice from the previous company). I use this store for everything...oil change, tires, upkeep on my vehicle, and car trouble that I may have. All of your employees at this store know me by name and make me (and others) feel welcome and part of an "auto family"! Not having any family here in Florida that I can call when I have car trouble, they (especially Pete Faltraco) look after my well-being in making sure my car runs smoothly since I work in downtown Tampa and have a daily 70-mile commute. I trust them with everything that my car needs. Thank you for having such caring people!"

- Gilda R.
New Port Richey, FL

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