Steering & Suspension ServicesSteering and Suspension

A properly working steering and suspension system can enhance the comfort of your vehicle’s ride and is essential for keeping safe control of your car. At The Tire Choice, we have all the steering and suspension services you need.

Replacing your car's struts and shocks when required is vitally important to your safety and reduces the cost of operating your car through reduced tire wear, better gas mileage and lower maintenance costs on other suspension and steering components. Catching a suspension or steering problem early can mean the difference between simple maintenance and a costly repair. If you notice any problems in the way your car steers or rides, contact your nearest Tire Choice location, or schedule an appointment online for our steering and suspension services. 

During a routine inspection and maintenance of your car's suspension system, we will:

  •     Inspect shocks regularly for leaks, cracks and other signs of damage.
  •     Watch for vehicle bounce and sway when making turns
  •     Check for uneven tire wear (this is also an indicator for worn shocks and struts)

Power steering is standard on most modern vehicles, making steering much easier. A pump pressurizes the power steering fluid that assists you when turning the steering wheel. Components, such as the hoses that channel the power steering fluid, can develop leaks over time so it’s a good idea to have your steering system inspected regularly.

Power steering fluid cleans, cools and lubricates the power steering system. The power steering fluid breaks down as the years go by and collects unwanted moisture. Replacing the old fluid according to vehicle manufacturers suggested intervals will help keep your power steering system running its best. Our power steering flush service can remove all the old contaminated fluid from your power steering system, and then refill with new fluid according to vehicle specifications.

Power Steering Flush Service

  •     Remove old power steering fluid from system.
  •     Flush & clean system.
  •     Refill with new power steering fluid according to vehicle specifications.

Our Steering and Suspension Services includes the following components:

  •     Shock absorbers & struts
  •     CV joints/boots
  •     CV axle
  •     Rack and pinion units
  •     Ball joints
  •     Bushings
  •     Sway bars
  •     Tie rods
  •     Wheel bearings

Hear what our customers are saying...

"I was most impressed with my most recent visit to the Land O Lakes, Fl location. Keith resolved my brake problems with the most caring, friendly and courteous manner ever. His sincerity and promptness has won me over. I will recommend Keith and his crew to all of my friends and family for their auto needs."

- Mary & George W.
Land O Lakes, FL

"After my warranty ran out, I needed to find a mechanic that would take care of my car, who was honest, trust worthy and give me a good price. I tried Midas(once) and Tuffy(a few times) till I stumbled onto my first Tire Choice for tires over a year ago and haven't left. I have met lots of Tire Choice employees, but Lukas is GREAT! He makes me comfortable leaving my baby(car :))in your company's hands. Honest and trusting are two of the top two words of many that I would use to describe him. A few months back during an oil change, I had mentioned that I was traveling back to Michigan for vacation and the first thing he said was "bring it back before you leave and we will check it over and make sure it's in good shape" and today I did that and it passed with flying colors (other than oil change with ever-wear oil system cleaner(which he recommended) & power steering flush)and I left there knowing and feeling that I received the BEST service not only from Lukas but his mechanics that worked on my car. My roommate is now a loyal customer at store #28 because of my experiences. That's why she and myself will be lifetime customers at Tire Choice. Thank You Lukas and store #28! :)"

-Kim N.
Ft Myers, FL

"After numerous visits to this location, whether it be for a set of tires, an oil change, or perhaps I have decided put a lower set of springs on my vehicle; Andrew and Scott have provided me with the upmost exceptional service. I have learned new things about my car that I never would've suspected. I'm 20 years old, the last thing I'm thinking about is if I need a new axel in a 3 year old car. Thanks to their attention to detail and endless support, I don't have to stress about the safety or reliability of my car. Because I know it is in good hands! Thank you guys for everything you have done!"

- Francesca L.
Naples, FL

"I have been very pleased with the service and quality of work that I have received at The Tire Choice on Gladiolus in Fort Myers. I have been having my sons car worked on there for three years. They have done tires, A/C, water pump, hub bearing, idler arms and I can't remember what else. He drives a car with over 200k miles on it and they have kept it running. Jorge has also gone out of his way numerous times to get things done for us. We appreciate the good employees that you have at the Gladiolus Fort Myers location. Thank You! Sincerely, Kathy ~ Sanibel"

- Kathy P.
Sanibel, FL

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