Common Car Air Conditioning Problems

by Admin July 5, 2011

In Florida, properly functioning air conditioners are of paramount importance – especially car air conditioners. An auto A/C system is made up of a number of components, so there are a variety of problems that can affect it. Following are a few of the most common:

•    A refrigerant leak: this is the number one problem we see when servicing air conditioners. As a car ages, so too do the tubes and seals that circulate the refrigerant through you’re A/C system. As they age, they break down and refrigerant begins to leak. Our technicians will add some refrigerant to your system, along with a special dye that will reveal the leak(s) so they can be repaired.
•    Electrical trouble: this can affect you’re A/C in a couple of ways, but the most common problem is the fan. The fan’s job is to blow air across the condenser, through the vent, and into the cabin. If you notice some cool air while driving fast, but not when driving slow or idling, this could indicate a problem with the fan, because air is only blowing over the condenser when the vehicle reaches high speeds.
•    Incorrect refrigerant levels: having too much refrigerant can be just as bad as having too little. If your refrigerant levels are off, the A/C will malfunction. Oil also flows through your A/C system, and if oil levels are out of sync with refrigerant levels, that can cause more problems.

The A/C in your vehicle is a complex system, so it’s recommended that you do not try to tackle any problems on your own. Let the experts at The Tire Choice take care of it; we’ll have you’re A/C blowing cold again in no time. Visit out air conditioning services page or schedule an appointment today.

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