What is Oil System cleaner and what does it do?

by Admin July 19, 2011

As your vehicle ages, your mechanic may suggest using an oil system cleaner with your next oil change. To understand how this works, you must first understand how oil works in your engine.

Motor oil is a critical part of your engine’s operation. It lubricates all the moving parts which help the engine run smoothly and without overheating. As oil is used by the vehicle, it gets dirty through the combustion process and begins to build up sludge, soot, dust, and other particles. This is bad because it reduces the oil’s lubrication efficiency. In addition, having dirty oil pumping through your engine can cause rapid engine wear as the contaminants cause abrasive damage.

Typically, a standard oil filter and regular oil changes handle this problem just fine. But over time, deposits build up on engine parts and contaminate fresh oil faster – decreasing performance and necessitating more frequent oil changes. An oil system cleaner is a type of detergent that cleans away that gunk buildup. Your mechanic adds the oil system cleaner to your oil and lets it sit in the crankcase for a period of time. Then, the oil/cleaner mixture is flushed out and the crankcase is filled with fresh oil, just like a regular oil change.

Using an oil system cleaner can revitalize your engine. However, it takes time for those oil deposits to build up and start causing problems, so an oil system cleaning is not considered standard maintenance, like an oil change. Depending on the vehicle, it’s typical driving conditions, and how well it has been maintained, you may only need an oil system cleaning every 50,000 miles. You should speak with your auto technician to learn when your vehicle may benefit from an oil system cleaning.

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