My Car Idles Rough, What Does it Mean?

by Admin October 11, 2011

A rough idle is a common problem that our technicians at The Tire Choice run into quite often. It may not seem like a big deal – just some extra shaking at a stop light or in the parking lot. However, if it doesn’t get inspected and corrected, it can cause expensive engine damage.

A rough idle can have many causes, so it’s best to have the vehicle checked by a professional mechanic so the exact cause can be diagnosed and repaired. One of the most common causes is damaged or improperly installed sparkplugs. When mechanics are trying to diagnose a rough idle, they also check your vehicle’s vacuum hoses, ignition wires, and the carburetor.

Damage or improper installation to any of these components can cause your engine to misfire, which is the direct reason why your vehicle idles rough. Another thing that will cause a rough idle is a dirty or damaged fuel injector. A fuel injector will collect gunk over the life of your vehicle. Usually, a fuel system cleaner (like the one included in our oil change service) can fix the problem just fine. However, if the fuel injector is too old or damaged, a cleaning will not be sufficient and it will need to be replaced.

If the problem is diagnosed early, a rough idle can be a cheap and easy fix. If you suspect that your vehicle has a rough idling problem, bring it in to the Tire Choice location nearest you for a diagnostic.

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