Land O Lakes

Land O Lakes

Store #27
2267 Collier Parkway
Land O Lakes, FL 34639

Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-7pm, Sat 7am-6pm, Sun 9am-5pm
MVR#: MV#: 67094 MV#: 67094

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Automotive Services Include:

Tire & Wheel Service, Brake Service, Steering & Suspension Service, Heating & Cooling System Service, Air Conditioning Service, Starting & Electrical System Service, Engine & Transmission Service, Nitrogen Tire Inflation, Car Batteries, Tune-Ups, Radiator Repair, Wheel Alignment, Oil Change & Fluid Flush, Tire Price Quotes & More.

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Tires Available:

Tires for all types of vehicles: Passenger Cars, Light Truck, Touring, SUV, High Performance, Vans.
High Quality Brand Tires from Michelin, Pirelli, Yokohama, Bridgestone, Firestone, Continental, Goodyear, BFGoodrich, Nitto, Nexen, Uniroyal, Riken & More.

Hear what our customers are saying...

"I have been having my Buick serviced by The Tire Choice at Gladiolus Dr, Ft. Myers and when some sort of fluid was leaking in my driveway-I had my car towed to that location.
Joe first called me and said that my cooling system was old and leaking. He would call me back with estimate. Lucas called back and told me my radiator (which was only 2 1/2 years old was full of gunk and that my coolant system needed replaced. This was at 10 am Saturday morning. He called back later around 4 and said I also needed new tires (which I knew). $1964.00 later, I drove my car home. Just this past weekend, I drove her 90 miles to Sarasota and back and she ran great. I took her back in just this afternoon to make sure all the sludge was out of her, (per Lucas's instructions) and his team ran coolant thru her and Lucas said it was clean. I was treated with respect and I am trusting on Lucas and Joe to take care of my car, every 3000 miles. I need my car and she has 123,000 miles on her and affording a new car these days, is not an option. I am glad to have found Lucas and Joe and The Tire Choice to take care of my Buick. Connie J. Lambert"

- Connie L.
Ft Myers, FL

"I am a single, Christian woman and it is so refreshing to feel safe and cared for when I get service done to my car. Jonathan, at your Collier Prkwy,Land o Lakes store was so good to me. Now my (single) friend is coming to Tire Choice as well as my daughter, who's also single. When you are a woman alone ,it is so comforting to trust the character and reputation of the people you do business with..Thanks again, and I will continue to tell my friends of the honest service I receive from Tire Choice. Kathleen Jones

-Kathleen J.
Land O Lakes, FL

"I must say I am very  pleased with the service I had today at Tire Choice!! The guy that helped me, his name was Scott and he was very helpful. Not only did I get a great deal on 20inch tires but he inflated my tires with nitrogen instead of regular air. My car has never road better!!The Tire Choice he recommended and the nitro fill 2gether was a must have 4 my low profile performance tires, its like I have a different car. You wouldn't think it makes that much of a difference but it does ..The customer service was real professional and friendly, the guys that worked on my car took care of my nice rims and while the put the tires on, mine u the this type of tire is not easy to mount. All this great service and the guys worked on it after closing because I brought it in 30 minutes b4 closing..I recommend taking tire problems to these guys, and ask 4 Scott tell him Curtis with the white all-time sent you:)"

- Curtis L.
Wesley Chapel, FL

After my warranty ran out, I needed to find a mechanic that would take care of my car, who was honest, trust worthy and give me a good price. I tried Midas(once) and Tuffy(a few times) till I stumbled onto my first Tire Choice for tires over a year ago and haven't left. I have met lots of Tire Choice employees, but Lukas is GREAT! He makes me comfortable leaving my baby(car :))in your company's hands. Honest and trusting are two of the top two words of many that I would use to describe him. A few months back during an oil change, I had mentioned that I was traveling back to Michigan for vacation and the first thing he said was "bring it back before you leave and we will check it over and make sure it's in good shape" and today I did that and it passed with flying colors (other than oil change with ever-wear oil system cleaner(which he recommended) & power steering flush)and I left there knowing and feeling that I received the BEST service not only from Lukas but his mechanics that worked on my car. My roommate is now a loyal customer at store #28 because of my experiences. That's why she and myself will be lifetime customers at Tire Choice. Thank You Lukas and store #28! :)"

- Kim N.
Ft Myers, FL


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