Store #39
13399 Seminole Blvd
Largo, FL 33778

Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-7pm, Sat 7am-6pm, Sun 9am-5pm
MVR#: 82769 MV#: 82769

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Largo Automotive Services Include:

Our Largo Store will have the following tires available in stock:

Tires for all types of vehicles: Passenger Cars, Light Truck, Touring, SUV, High Performance, Vans.
High Quality Brand Tires from Michelin, Pirelli, Yokohama, Bridgestone, Firestone, Continental, Goodyear, BFGoodrich, Nitto, Nexen, Uniroyal, Riken & More. Find tires for your vehicle now

Largo Special Events:

A Grand Opening Celebration is planned for the first week in June. The Largo store team is looking forward to meeting those in the community. Check back for further details.

Hear what our customers are saying...

"They did a great job twice and were very respectful and helpful. Worked hard to get the parts and repairs done on time. My car was left clean and nice. Thank You."

- Nan H
Largo, FL

"My wife's radiator went out and we needed her car for the next day this was at 5 o'clock in the afternoon. Chuck and his crew went above and beyond to make sure that my wife had her car this evening, I appreciate all the work and I appreciate all that they do."

- Tom B.
Largo, FL

"I purchased some tires in my hometown in North Georgia. Along with the purchase of the tires came a coast to coast service warranty. On the way to Tampa, FL there was a major balancing issue. The Tire Choice store #35 is a participant in the coast to coast warranty. I spoke with a gentleman on the phone named J.C. He indicated he was very willing to help. I came in the next day and he moved me to the head of the line to get my tires rebalanced. The tech that did the work balanced the tires perfectly and we had a very smooth ride on the 500 mile trip home. It was a great experience and I thank J.C. and the person who did the work on our tires."

- Jack W.
Murrayville, GA


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