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Nitrogen Filled Tire Benefits

There are four major benefits of nitrogen filled tires. The biggest benefit is the cost savings. The increased safety benefit of nitrogen is a close second, followed by increased performance and convenience. Nitrogen filled tires have their roots in auto racing, commercial airlines, and long distance trucking. Though these industries would seem to have nothing in common, they do – all are hard on their tires and seek to increase safety, performance, and convenience, while reducing costs. The fact is that nitrogen filled tires stay cooler under stress, like when an airplane lands, a race car driver takes a turn, or a semi-truck spends hours on the interstate. When tires are kept from overheating they perform better and last longer.

Here are the major benefits of nitrogen filled tires:

  1. They save money. Nitrogen doesn’t expand or contract very much under hot or cold temperatures like air, which leads to a more stable tire pressure. Keeping your tires inflated to the optimal pounds per square inch (PSI) can increase their tread life by up to 30 percent while improving gas mileage by 10 percent. To find out what you could save, visit our Nitrogen Savings Calculator.
  2. They increase safety. Just filling your tires with nitrogen reduces the chance of tire failure by 50 percent. Nitrogen filled tires are put under less stress because they don’t overheat and pressures aren’t fluctuating when a tire heats up and cools down. This leads to a stronger, safer tire over its useable life.
  3. They perform better. Handling, braking, and steering characteristics are improved by keeping tires at the best possible PSI and temperature. Reduced running temperatures keep tires responsive and at an optimal temperature and PSI to grip the road surface. Warm tires grip well, but when inflated with regular air, tire pressure balloons and grip suffers.
  4. They are more convenient. Simply put, most drivers don’t like to check their tire pressures or top off their tires when told to by their Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS.) There is almost no need to check tire pressures between regular service intervals, like oil changes, with nitrogen filled tires. Studies have shown that regular air leaks out three to four times faster than nitrogen. And because nitrogen slows pressure loss, it decreases false alarms and activation of TPMS.

The benefits of nitrogen filled tires are vast. Safety, better performance, savings and convenience – there’s no reason not to choose nitrogen. If you have any questions about how our nitrogen tire inflation service can work for you, stop by your local store  today.



Tips and Facts

Tip: Use our nitrogen savings calculator  to find out how you could be saving driving on nitrogen filled tires.
Fact: The Tire Choice uses NitroFill™ brand equipment, which is guaranteed to produce at least 95% nitrogen purity for every tire.
Fact: Water vapor in air can cause pressure fluctuations and corrosion. However, pure nitrogen has no water vapor.
Fact: Nitrogen leaks out of a tire much slower than air because its molecules are bigger.


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