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Oil Change – Make the Right Choice

  • Always change your oil according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended schedule
  • Choose the best motor oil based on your vehicle type, age, and expected driving conditions
  • Consider full synthetic or synthetic blend motor oil for gas savings and longer vehicle life

All oil change appointments include:

FREE 4-Tire Rotation, FREE Tire Pressure Check & FREE Brake Inspection


$9.99 Conventional Oil Change with Drive Card or $19.99 without

Premium Conventional Motor Oil

Conventional motor oil is refined from premium petroleum products and contains additives that are specially formulated to protect your engine and enhance its performance over a wide range of conditions.

$19.99 Semi-Synth Oil Change with Drive Card or $29.99 without

Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

Synthetic blend motor oil is a blend of premium synthetic and conventional base oils that provides heavy duty protection against tough operating conditions such as stop-and-go driving. Synthetic blend oil also can rejuvenate older vehicles. Many synthetic blends contain additives that condition engine seals and fight against oil leaks, loss of power, loss of fuel economy, and increased oil consumption.

$44.99 Full Synthetic Oil Change with Drive Card or $54.99 without

Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Full synthetic motor provides the ultimate protection against heat, deposits, and wear in the most extreme operating conditions. Synthetic oil is specially formulated for high performance and luxury automobiles, cargo and tow vehicles, and some hybrids. This premium synthetic lubricant offers outstanding high-temperature and cold-temperature protection, better fuel efficiency, and excellent defense against sludge and varnish buildup.

Full synthetic and synthetic blend oils are fully compatible with all conventional motor oils.

Watch our short video on selecting the right motor oil for your next oil change.

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