Goodride Tires

Goodride has been steadily growing since 1958 and their tires can be found almost all-over the world including North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. That’s a lot of different terrain types, and Goodride has used that experience to continually develop their tires and meet their customers’ needs. When it comes to tires, Goodride is no misnomer.

Goodride Tire Warranty

Goodride warrants all of their tires against defects in workmanship and materials for the life of the original tread under normal service. You can use the Godride warranty by returning the tire to an authorized Goodride dealer. Credit will be issued on a pro-rated basis and calculated on our selling price and the remaining usable tread depth (minus the last 2/32”). Mounting, balancing, or other service fees must be paid by the customer. Eligible tire must have more than 2/32” of usable tread left.

For full details about the Goodride tire warranty, ask your Tire Choice technician.

Goodride Tire Technologies

Goodride cares about the value their customers get when they make a purchase. You’ll find that most of their models go beyond standard construction to produce sturdy, long lasting tires. They also emphasize safety, control, and ride comfort in their tread designs. No matter what model, you’re sure to get a good ride for a good price.

  • SP06 These sportytires are built for both cars and minivans. It’s a solid tire choice that balances comfort, grip, and stability. The multi-pitch pattern design reduces noise. This design also features slender bladed sipes to increase traction, while a long rib pattern gives you high-speed stability. It’s also a bit of a looker to boot.
  • SV308 – This model emphasizes safety with a V-groove and two wide longitudinal grooves to maintain stability in the rain. While carbon black construction is standard on most other tires, the SV308 uses silicon dioxide technology instead, which increases traction and shortens braking distance. Overall, it’s good for helping you get the most handling out of your SUV.
  • SL325 – Goodride is one of those few tire manufacturers that keeps the unique needs of crossover vehicles in mind. The SL325 fits both crossovers and SUVs. It features a sturdy construction by combining several tire technologies. Adouble layer of polyester fabric and dual steel belts gives this model improved traction and steering stability. Its balanced profile design increases the lifespan of the tire and promotes even wear by optimizing contact with the road.

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