Michelin® is among the oldest and largest in the business and is known for producing quality products for a number of vehicle types – from automobiles to aircraft. Michelin tires are known for their safety and durability. As their mascot, the Michelin Man claims – they can drink up any road hazard. And if they can’t, the extensive Michelin Promise Plan has you covered.

National Accounts Service

  • As a Michelin dealer that services Major accounts (i.e. rental car companies), our specialists aim to meet your special needs and to develop close relationships with key personnel.

Michelin Tires Frequently Stocked

  • The Tire Choice & Total Car Care is designated as a Michelin dealer that frequently stocks Michelin tires.


Michelin Standard Warranty

When you purchase Michelin brand tires from The Tire Choice, you can take advantage of the Michelin Promise Plan. The Michelin Promise Plan guarantees satisfaction with your tire purchase by offering these benefits:

  • A 30-day satisfaction guarantee – if you are not 100% satisfied with your new Michelin tires you can bring them back to The Tire Choice for an exchange.
  • Flat tire changing assistance for three years – simply call our toll free number (listed in the tires owner’s manual) and a service professional will come to you to replace your flat tire with a spare, or tow you up to 150 miles to the nearest approved dealer for repairs. 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, $0 cost to you.
  • Limited mileage warranty on both replacement AND original equipment tires

Make sure to ask your Tire Choice technician for full details and benefits regarding the Michelin Promise Plan.


NEW! Michelin’s Defender Tire – Coming Soon!

The Defender tire is a product that meets the demands of Americans who are enduring difficult economic times and are insisting on top value for their money. 

  • 90K Warranty = A longer lasting tire!
  • Better Rolling Resistance  = Gas savings!
  • Better in rain and snow = Increased safety


Michelin’s Tire Technology

As a long-time tire manufacturer, Michelin has developed a number of innovative tire technologies, including:

  • HydroChutesTM Technology Need a tire that dominates wet weather conditions? This grove type hastens the evacuation of water, giving you better stability and control in the rain.
  • IntelliSipe Technology™ Sipes are cuts across the surface of a tire that increase grip and traction in slick conditions. The Intellisipe Technology from Michelin is an advancement in tread engineering that provides exceptional tread block rigidity and interlocking action that optimizes the number of sipes within the tire. This allows the starting tread depth of the tire to be only 10/32nds of an inch, lightening the mass of the tire and increasing fuel efficiency, while providing enhanced safety.
  • MaxTouch Construction™ Tires are the only things between you and the road MaxTouch has a unique contact-patch shape that evenly distributes the forces of acceleration, braking and cornering. This extends wear life and provides additional grip on the road. This lets the tire to wear evenly, increasing the life of the tire.

Michelin Car & Minivan Tires

Michelin Truck & SUV Tires

MICHELIN® HydroEdge® MICHELIN® Latitude® Tour HP
MICHELIN® Symmetry® MICHELIN® Cross Terrain® SUV
  MICHELIN® Latitude® Diamaris®
  MICHELIN® XPS Traction®
  MICHELIN® Latitude® Sport



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