Nexen Tires

Nexen Tires

Nexen has more than 60 years of experience as a tire manufacturer. As Korea’s first tire company, they started out as Heung-A Tire, then became Woosung Tire, and finally, Nexen Tire in 2000. That goes to show that Nexen is not one to rest on its laurels – they grow and evolve to meet consumer demand, develop better tire designs, and ultimately stand up to their slogan of “Next Century Tire.”

Nexen Tire Warranty

The Nexen Limited Warranty can be broken into two sections:

  • The Free Replacement Policy is valid for 12 months from the period of purchase, or within the first 2/32" of original usable tire tread. It covers defects in material and workmanship with a free tire replacement. Mounting, balancing and any other service charges are the responsibility of the owner.
  • The Nexen Limited Warranty lasts for 72 months from the date of manufacture. If you use the limited warranty after the Free Replacement Policy expires, you will receive an amount of credit determined by the percentage of original tread depth remaining on  the tire

For full details about the Nexen Tire Limited Warranty, ask your Tire Choice technician.

Nexen Tire Technologies

In 2005, Nexen Tire was awarded a patent for the technology to manufacture rubber/stratified silicate nano-composite tires. By 2006, they had completed development on the new UHP and Winter LTR/SUV pattern. Without a doubt, Nexen has some noteworthy tires in it’s catalog, such as:

  • N7000 – An ultra high performance tire for any and all season. It utilizes a silica compound an kerf design to give you confidence on nearly any road type. A round block edge provides a quiet ride, while a rigid shoulder block increases control during turns. The wide groove pattern cuts through snow and water, making the N7000 an exemplary Nexen offering.
  • Roadian HT – A light truck/SUV that masters paved and off-road conditions. The Roadian HT’s twin-block design increases both the tire’s durability and road contact, which boosts control. Off-road, multiple well-balanced kerfs increase traction. On-road, 5 Random pitch variation reduces noise. Rugged and functional - the Roadian HT gives you the best of both worlds.
  • CP641 – a passenger vehicle tire that really shines during high-speed driving. A directional tread design with straight wide grooves maximizes hydroplaning resistance and wet road control. An optimized sectional design gives you a quiet ride while a dual-center rib increases directional stability. Through high-speed chase, to steady commute, the CP641 is a tire you can depend on.

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