Omni Tires

Omni Tires

Omni is relatively new to the market compared to some of the older tire manufactures. However, they know the business and produce quality tires. Using their knowledge of the market and commitment to customers, they continue to grow and grow. Omni produces the Radar line of tires. Radar tires use cutting-edge designs and technology to max out their durability, comfort, and control.

In addition to building great tires, Omni also supports great causes. Omni hosts the “Mobilizing Hope" campaign, which donates proceeds from tire sales to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. In addition to Omni’s donation, The Tire Choice donates an additional $1 for every Radar tire sold.

Omni Tire Warranty

Omni is committed to helping consumers and ensuring quality tires. All Radar tires come with a limited warranty that protects you from defects in workmanship and material within the first 2/32” tread wear. In the event of a claim, the defective tire can be replaced with a comparable new tire by an authorized dealer at no charge. This free replacement applies to new, first-quality tires only. Tires with road hazard damage, cosmetic damage, or tires that require a retread are excluded from the warranty.

For full information about the Omni tire warranty, please consult your Tire Choice technician.

Omni Tire Technologies

The Radar tires produced by Omni are made with the very best in machinery, process, materials, and safety measures. They cover a range of vehicle types and road demands, so it’s easy to find a model that meets your needs.

  • Radar RPX800 – Nothing says “all-around quality” quite like the RPX800. This PCR tire is perfect for any season. The Asymmetric Tread Pattern allow for consistent handling in any weather condition, with solid rib centerline to increase directional stability.
  • Radar Dimax R8 – This UHP tire gives a new meaning to ride comfort and safety. It takes Omni’s Asymmetric Tread Pattern and combines it with a Variable Pitch Ratio treaddesignto give drivers higher mechanical grip, lower noise levels, and improved traction in wet and dry conditions. The Dimax R8 is designed with "Soft & Hard Tuning" in mind.

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