Yokohama tires (also known as ADVAN tires in certain regions) are very popular the world over. You can see them in all sorts of competitions. They participate in The American Le Mans Series (ALMS) and Red Line Time Attack. They are also the official supplier of the IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge, World Touring Car Championship, and the Macau Grand Prix Formula 3 Intercontinental Cup. As such, Yokohama has developed a strong reputation for turning out quality tires that perform well – on and off the race track.

Original Equipment TiresOriginal Equipment

  • The Tire Choice & Total Car Care stocks Yokohama OEM performance tires for many well-known manufacturers. View our list of OEM tires.

Aston Martin
DB7 (2002-2004)
V12 Vanquish (2002-2007)


S8 (2007-2009)


Continental Flying Spur(2005-2007)
Continental GT (2005-2007)


Tiltmaster W4 (F) (2001-2006)
Tiltmaster W5500 (1998-2006)


Town & Country (2008-2009)


Grand Caravan (2008-2009)
Grand Caravan Cargo (2008-2009)


Grand Caravan (2008-2009)
Grand Caravan Cargo (2008-2009)


Forward W4 (E) (2000-2006)
Forward W5500 (1998-2006)


FA (E) (1998-2007)
FB (F) (1998-2005)
FB (F) (1998-2005)


FCX (2004-2007)


NPR (E) (2000-2009)
NPR (2005)
NQR (1998-2008)


GS300/GS350 (2005-2009)
GS430 (2005-2009)
GS450h (2007-2009)
GS460 (2005-2009)
IS300 (2000-2005)
LS 430 (2001-2002

Elise (2004-2009)
Elise Sport (2004-2009)
Exige (2006-2009)


Miata MX-5 (2006-2009)
Mazda3 (2009)


AMG CL63/65 (2008-2009)
AMG G55 (2004-2009)
AMG ML63 (2008-2009)
AMG C63 (2008-2009)
G500 (2002-2009)


Diamante (1997-2005)
Galant (2004-2009)
Lancer (2003-2009)
Lancer (2003-2009)
Lancer DE/ES (2007-2009)
Lancer Evolution VIII(2003-2007)
Lancer Evolution X (2008-2009)
Lancer Ralliart (2009)
Montero Sport (1997-1998)
Montero Sport (2000-2008)
Montero (1998-2000)
Montero (2001-2004)
Montero (2001-2008)
Outlander (2005-2009)
Outlander (2006-2009)


Mitsubishi Fuso
Fuso FE (1998-2009)
Fuso FE, HD (E) (1998-2009)
Fuso FG (E) (2002-2009)
Fuso FG (E) (2002-2009)
Fuso FH (F) (1998-2009)
Fuso FH (F) (1998-2009)


370Z (2009)
UD 1800/2000 (2000-2008)
UD2600 (2001-2008)


911 Carrera 4(997) (2006-2009)
Boxster (1998-2005)
Boxster-S (2001-2005)


tC (2005-2009)



Celica (2001-2005)
RAV4 (1998-2000)
RAV4 Limited/Base (2006-2009)
RAV4 Sport (2006-2009)



Routan (2009)
Touareg (2008-2009)































YokohamaTire Warranty

The Yokohama tire warranty covers every Yokohama brand tire operated during normal highway use (commercial applications excluded) in the United States. Tires are covered for the life of the original usable tread depth (down to the level of treadwear indicator bars molded at 2/32") or for 60 months from the date of purchase (proof of purchase required) or 72 months from the date of manufacture (if no proof of purchase available), whichever comes first.

YokohamaTire Technology

Yokohama has developed a range of tires that conquer many driving situations. They definitely have developed some interesting tire technologies over the years, as evidenced by these selections below.

  • Geolandar H/T-S – Quiet comfort is the name of the game when it comes to the Geolander. By using a Constant Contact Tread Block Design, it has reduced airflow noise in addition to superior handling and durability. It’s a great all-season light truck/SUV tire.

  • AVID® Ascend™- This touring tire is a true innovation. It’s the first tire in the world to use Orange Oil technology– which reduces the petroleum used in the tire’s creation. In addition, it manages to attain an amazing balance of extended treadlife, all-season performance, and superb fuel efficiency.

  •– Nothing grips the road quite like the It uses Micro-Flexible Compound– a nanotechnology – in its design which allows the tire to conform with the road surface; literally wrapping around the tiny irregularities and absorbing shock to deliver amazing performance on any road.

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