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Welcome to our Tire Selector tool, which lets you shop for tires quickly and easily. Use “Shop by Vehicle” if you aren’t sure what size tires fit your vehicle. Or, if you already know the tire size you need, use “Shop by Tire Size” to see all your tire buying options.

Not sure how to find your vehicle’s tire size?

At The Tire Choice, we’ll beat any competitors price on tires. When you shop for tires with us, not only will you always get the best price, but you will get these additional services for FREE:

  • professional mounting
  • tire rotations
  • alignment check
  • flat repairs
  • 17 point inspection
  • air pressure check
  • 30 day ride guarantee

Also, The Tire Choice supplies tires from more than 20 different quality brands to make it easy to get tires that are perfect for your vehicle. If you’re looking for a “rare” brand of tire, or tires for a non-standard vehicle, give us a call and let us know. We can get you any tire you need for the lowest price around. The Tire Choice is literally the BEST place to shop for tires.

When you shop for tires with our Tire Selector tool, you can print out your quote and bring it to the location nearest you. The Tire Choice will honor your quoted price until the end of the month. To find a Tire Choice near you, visit our locations page. Or you can schedule an appointment with us online, where you can choose what date, time, and location are most convenient for you.

Don’t forget, if you want an interest free way to shop for tires, check out the V.I.P. benefits on The Tire Choice credit card.

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