As one of the largest tire and rubber companies in the world, Bridgestone tires are known across the globe. This manufacturer produces tires for all sorts of applications, but is perhaps best known for its motorsport tires and was formerly supplier for the Formula One Championship. In addition to their competitive edge, Bridgestone prioritizes safety in the development of their tire technologies, as emphasized by their specialized logo.

Run-Flat Certified Run-Flat Certified

  • Because of the advanced technology and design of RFT tires and the required tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), Bridgestone Firestone Run-Flat Certified Retailers, such as The Tire Choice & Total Care Care, are specially trained to sell and service RFT tires.

    The Run-Flat Certified Retailers have the necessary equipment and are specially trained to properly mount and demount RFT tires and to handle TPMS devices. Conventional mounting equipment may irreparably damage RFT tires and an improper repair is unsafe and will void the Limited Warranty. Accordingly, it is important to go to a Bridgestone Firestone Run-Flat Certified Retailer for tire maintenance and replacement.  Run-Flat Certied Retailers will fully inspect your tire, inside and out, to determine if the tire can be repaired. Tire damage is not always visible from the outside and the tire must be removed from the wheel for a complete inspection.


The Bridgestone Tire Safety Pledge

Bridgestone puts the principle of safety first through all stages of the tire lifecycle, from development to production, sale, and use. To those ends, they have created a symbol to reinforce those principles and to remind their consumers about the importance of tire safety. The safe and happy faces are circular – just like the tires we rely on – and linked together to represent relationships between one another. Also, the blue color evokes peace of mind and care.

Bridgestone Tire Technology

Some popular examples of Bridgestone tires include:

  • Turanza with Serenity Technology– The Serenity Technology on the Turanza model gives you a smooth and quiet ride. It’s also sturdy and able to resist abrasion and bursting better than some other tires. Overall, it’s a reliable tire for either wet or dry weather.

  • Dueler H/L 422 Ecopia– This Dueler model is available for CUVs and SUVs. The Ecopia technology utilizes low-rolling resistance and fuel saving tread compound. It’s a good all-weather tire that’s good for the environment.

  • PotenzaRE-11 – Borrowing a few tricks from their Formula One tire model, the Potenza brings together many of Bridgestone's tire technologies in one impressive package. With a significant level of grip and handling for the street and track it’s sure to get your adrenaline pumping.



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