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Tips for Hurricane Driving

by Admin October 16, 2013

In our previous blog post, we went over some tips to prepare your car for an impending hurricane. While we’d never recommend driving during a hurricane, an emergency or evacuation may make it necessary. If you’re driving around in the aftermath of a hurricane, there will be unsafe conditions that you may need to navigate.

If you do need to evacuate, try to leave as early as possible – not only to avoid adverse weather conditions, but also to avoid the crowded traffic. If you leave at a time when there are less people on the road, you’ll be less likely to get in an accident and evacuate safely.

Flooded streets are another common problem when driving in hurricane-affected areas. Remember, water can be deeper than it looks, and you can’t see what it’s hiding while driving through it. Even shallow-looking water can hide damaging debris or potholes. Plus, splashing water up into your engine compartment can cause serious (sometimes permanent damage) to electrical components or the engine itself. Rushing water, even as low as 12 inches, presents a real risk of carrying your vehicle away. When driving, try to avoid flooded areas if at all possible.

That same word of advice goes for power lines as well. If they’re anywhere near standing water, it’s an extremely dangerous combination whether you’re in a car or not. If you do make it across downed power lines, but get stuck beyond them, it creates a serious problem for rescue workers. So do not, under any circumstance, drive over a downed electrical line.

The 2013 hurricane season looks clear for the time being, and we all hope it stays that way. But, if a storm is announced, get prepared and stay safe.

Preparing your Car for Hurricane Season

by Admin October 9, 2013

We’re not out of the woods just yet this hurricane season. Although 2013 has been one of the quietest seasons on record, we subscribe to that old adage “always be prepared.” If a hurricane is named, try to remember these tips to help you, and your car, weather the storm.

Get a Tune Up: When there is an emergency, you’ll be glad you’ve maintained your vehicle so that it works when you need it to. So, what types of repairs and maintenance should you prioritize? Think about how you’d prepare your car for a long road trip – check your fluid levels, tire pressure, and other areas that are important for safe driving.

Pack an Emergency Kit: This tip you’ll hear broadcasted over and over on TV and radio news, and with good cause. Like we said earlier, “Always be Prepared.” There are a variety of kits available from auto supply stores, but if you want to assemble your own try to include these basics:
•    Extra car fluids (coolant, gas, etc.)
•    Drinking water
•    Non-perishable food, like protein bars
•    Spare tire and tools
•    Jumper cables
•    Road maps
•    Batteries and phone chargers

Double Check your Insurance: Remember, basic car insurance only covers damage from an accident. You’ll need comprehensive coverage to protect your vehicle from hurricane damage, specifically wind and flood. If your car is damaged in a hurricane and needs repairs, The Tire Choice can coordinate with insurance companies to do any necessary work at a reasonable cost.

Park Safely: If you aren’t evacuating, it goes without saying that you should park your car in your garage. But if you don’t have one, try to park as close to your home as possible to help protect your car from wind and debris.

For our next blog post, we’ll go over some safe driving tips if you need to drive in a hurricane, or in the aftermath of a hurricane.

For Third Consecutive Year, The Tire Choice Partners with Omni United and Radar Tires to Fight Breast Cancer

by Admin October 1, 2013

As Breast Cancer Awareness Month approaches this October, The Tire Choice has again proudly committed its support of Omni United and Radar Tires’ “Mobilizing Hope” campaign for the third consecutive year. This campaign donates proceeds from global sales of Omni United’s flagship brand, Radar Tires, directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Omni United is one of the fastest growing global designers and manufacturers of tires. As part of the Mobilizing Hope campaign, Omni has pledged to donate $5.00 for every Radar branded tire sold around the world, with a minimum annual donation of $250,000. On top of that, The Tire Choice has pledged to make an additional donation for Radar Tires purchased in its stores during the Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.

Breast cancer is the second-most commonly diagnosed cancer among U.S. women, after skin cancer. More than one in four cancers found in women are breast cancer. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is commitment to the prevention of breast cancer and finding a cure within our lifetime.

Join The Tire Choice in the fight against breast cancer. Use our Shop for Tires page to find the Radar brand tires that will fit your vehicle. Stay tuned for even more breast cancer awareness promotions and special events from The Tire Choice throughout the month of October.

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